Confectionery Cannon

Electrical Subsystems

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We chose an Arduino Uno.

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Solenoid Actuation System

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Our microcontroller.We chose an Arduino Uno.

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We were provided with an Arduino Uno at the start of the project and saw no need to change. The Arduino, equipped with a Protoshield designed by Olin's own Prof. Brad Minch, connects to each of the 4 servos, as well as our solenoid and potentiometer. An ATX supply provides enough power to run the servos.

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Picture of the reloading mechanism

Our solenoid system. It goes click.

The solenoid is screwed into the sprinker valve.

Our sprinkler valve runs on 24VAC. Rather than finding a new DC solenoid to interface with the valve, we designed a simple circuit to actuate the solenoid. The circuit uses a commonly avaliable 2N7000 MOSFET to drive a 5V relay which switches a 24VAC transformer that the team found (we think it originally powered some sort of stereo equipment). The MOSFET and Arduino are protected with a diode accross the relay.

Our software. It's in Python and Arduino C.

It's on github.

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Pan Tilt System